Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Machine Model S1, Gujarat, India.

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Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Machine Model S1

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 Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Machine Model S1
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Specification For Machine

Maximum High Pressure in Ton 70 Ton / 2700 psi
Manufacturing Bricks Size 190mm x 90mm x 90mm = Make – 8 pcs. In 1(One) Time.
200mm x 110mm x 150mm = Make – 8 pcs. In 1(One) Time.
230mm x110mm x 75mm = Make – 8 pcs. In 1(One) Time.
230mm x 110mm x 150mm = Make – 8 pcs. In 1(One) Time.
375mm x 110mm x 150mm = Make – 3 pcs. In 1(One) Time.
375mm x 150mm x 150mm = Make – 2 pcs. In 1(One) Time.
and as per Required
Maximum Bricks Height Capacity = 200mm
Oil Cooling System Oil Cooling System Facilitate to cool down Oil For Power pack
Using Oil Type Oil Type using is 68 Numbers for the Hydraulic Oil
Vibration System Yes (Automatic Start when Pressing and Fedding Time) with Heavy Vibration.
Emergency Stop System Yes
Oil Tank Capacity 400 Liters
Production Capacity 8000 to 9000 Nos. Per Shift (1 Shift = 8 Hours) when make 8pcs. Bricks Mould. TERM AND CONITION APPLY.
Power Required All Our Plant Power Required is 26 to 28 HP
Machine Establish Area Areas : 30’ x 40’ Feet
System Safe Working Conditions with Electrical & Mechanical System,
Single Feeder Facilitates For Production of Fly-Ash Bricks.
All The Operation are Automaticaly,The Bricks Make on the wood Pellet
When Pressing on the Bricks with Start the Heavy Vibrating System.
The Control panel is Operating for the Digital Screen Facility and sensor Proof Machine.
Futures Our entire machine Body makes in heavy Iron Metal for standard metal.
Machine bricks making speed is very fast and safe work on machine.
The entire machine controlled with PLC Base panel board as automatic functionality a very simple handled.
The Hydraulic Pressing System with Heavy Mechanical vibration System
All operation controlled with electric sensor (Proximately).
The machine M.S. Mould is all tempered in carbonized for long life using.
All machine labor requirements are lowest for other machines product.
Note: All the Bricks production is also depend on bricks size, You can make are big size bricks that time also production capacity is low for other small size of bricks making production.
Labor Requirement Skilled – 2 , Non-Skilled - 5
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